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Painter and Decorator

Decorating your home involves many skills that you may not have come across before. It involves wallpapering, stripping walls, emulsion, putting up borders, making a neat line across the top of your walls, cutting around a light fitting, painting a door without the paint running , caulking gaps betwen woodwork and plastered walls, hiding the gap between the skirting board and wall, removing paint from a badly painted door and many others.

Decorating is time consuming if you don't have the right skills or tools to carry out the job. Wouldn't you rather spend your time choosing your decorations and paint colours then let someone else who is experienced to do the job right in the first place. Your time is a valuable resource which can never be re-gained once taken up with decorating.

The pleasure you get from your home can be enlightened by the way your decorating looks. A badly decorated room can spoil all your hard efforts in getting it looking the way you want.

Ourhandyman has been decorating for well over 30 years, they have the right tools and skills to be able to make your house a home, to get it looking the way you vision it could be.

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Decorating jobs we do

  • Internal painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Wallpapering
  • Wallpaper stripping
  • Burning off old paint
  • Removing wallpaper
  • Emulsion walls and ceiling

Where can I buy decorating materials and tools.

Dulux Decorating Centres
Paint People
Clock Handyman