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How to Join ourhandyman

Are you a handyman with excellent DIY skills? You could already be in the trade as an electrician, plumber, joiner, carpenter, floor fitter or many of the other trades that home owners and business need every day. Do you want to be part of a fast growing business? Do you want to start your own handyman business? We can help you be your own boss doing handyman services with ourhandyman.

OURHANYMAN logo and Vans do most of our advertising for us. When we are working on a job we tend to attract neighbours wanting our services. The valuse of having a great logo and business presence gives our customers great confidence in us.

You can be part of this today at little costs compared to a franchise.

Starting and running your own handyman business

A handyman is a much wanted person these days. The credit crunch is helping handyman with great skills to become their own boss. There are many potential new customers who are comming on board and using handymen to get jobs done around the home. One reason is that its just not the right situation to be selling and moving to a new home at the moment. So home owners are resorting to make their homes more enjoyable from a home improvement prospective.

Home owners can now afford to have a new bathroom suite installed and ourhandyman has done lots of these projects in the past at very reasonal prices.

Become a leader in the handyman business

ourhandyman was started back in 2003 and has been growing stronger in the handyman market. It is our aim to have ourhandyman vans in all major UK cities and towns. This can't be done without people like minded in wanting to be part of a growing business. You can be the leading ourhandyman face fro your town or city if you are willing to work hard and with a passion for making customers happy with the work you do for them.

Advertising on the Internet is expensive for handymen

If you are already in the handyman business then you know just how difficult it is to compete with other local tradesmen and handyman doing the same type of work. To get noticed you need to spend some of your hard earned cash on advertising. You may have had the calls from Yell, LocalSearch, Google advertisers and lots of other advertisers that say they can get you lots and lots of jobs as they are recieving many hits for your town or city for a handyman. These advertisers are not free, they charge a yearly fee for the service of putting you on their handyman dirctory. We did not get a lot for our for £150 a month which we were quoted when we first got started .

Advertising in the local paper can be expesive for small jobs

This form of advertising is expensive for handymen because we sometimes only do small jobs. These jobs may only be £25 and if we use this to spend on advertising in the paper at £50 then were loosing money. Were not in the business of loosing money are we.

What we hope to achieve by becomming a big handyman company

It is our aim to get at least 100 handymen on board. And to do this we will great the biggest BRAND of handyman services in the UK. Imagine the impression this will have on your part of the business.

  • The company logo will be in all towns and cities in the UK
  • 100 vans and more each having a local areas to provide their services.
  • National advertising can be divided amonsgt all the handymen and therefore be cheaper and more available to us.
  • All potential clients will immediatly have ourhandyman impregnated into their minds when they want a job doing.
  • Advertising on the internet can be managed on a daily basis.
  • Co-operation with materials suppliers can get us cheaper prices.
  • This list is endless but we hope you see the potential of this.

You still own your own business and get all the profits

Franshise schemes offer their branding for a huge sum of money up front - ranging from £18,000 to £40,000. Thats just for becomming a handyman with their company. Then on top of that they take away some of your profits you have worked hard for each year. If your Net profit was say £30,000 per year then you would be giving the franchise company at least £4,000 of this every year.

We want you to succeed in the handyman business

If you are really intrested in working together to get your handyman business of the ground, or indeed to make your existing handyman business grow, then we would like to help in every way we can.

How much will it cost me to be an ourhandyman handyman?

Initially we would charge a one of fee of £1,000 for setting up your side of the agreement. That is including all the necessary paperwork, creating your website for the town or city you want to work in, advertising on the internet, designing business cards with your name and location on, to setup phone contact to take all your calls. We would then also need a starter weekly fee to keep it all going for you. Basicly this will keep someone employed as the advertising media and planner and call centre all year round. We at first would expect this to be only £5 per week for this.

This is a new idea and we would like your feedback and questions in the first instance as we want you to succeed in your handyman business.

Send your questions to join@ourhandyman.co.uk and please tell us which is your preffered region area, town or city you would like to be ourhandyman. We will pencil this area in for you if you decided to join. You are not obligated to ourhandyman in anyway by asking questions or emailing us at anytime.

We appreciate the time you have taken here today and wish you all the success in the future.


What are the BENIFITS?

You will be part of a vast network of handymen.

Instant BRANDING of your company.

Network of handymen to get advice from and share advice with.

Bid for larger jobs in your area by joining forces with other ourhandyman handymen

Immediate internet presence which has been operating since 2003 and getting great website traffic, visitors from your town.

Your own webpage with your details, jobs you can do, times of work etc.

Business advice for all your day to day accounting.

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