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Never build another piece of flatpack furniture again!

Do you want a world where you dont after unwrap your flatpack or even open the box. Never have to fold the cardboard box up and make it fit into the dustbin. No more counting the numerous little screws, bolts, fixings and widgets before starting to build it. No more headaches when trying to read the confusing instructions. No more taking it all apart again becauseyou built it incorrectly. No more running back to the shop and asking for more fixings because you lost one.

Customers Comments

We build flatpack!

ourhandyman are highly skilled in flatpack assembly ranging from simple bedside cabinets to full kitchens and bedroom furniture assembly.

Flatpack instructions are diffucult to follow at times. This is where our handymen come in handy. We have done many faltpack assemblies from major retailers such as Ikea, BQ, Argos, and many others. Because we have done a wide range of furniture assembly we can do it quickly and get out of your way so you can enjoy the finished product.

The workmanship is guaranteed for a year, this gives you the peace of mind that it will be done to the instructions provided.

What we do for you

  • Self build furniture
  • Flatpack assembly
  • Remove all packaging
  • Decipher instructions
  • Build your flatpack
  • Provide all tools
  • Move the furniture where you want it
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