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About ourhandyman

Established in 2003, ourhandyman provides proffesional handyman services to carry out a variety of jobs around you home or business.

What is a Handyman?

We believe a handyman is someone who has the skills to perform a variety of jobs around the home or business to a high standard.

Can we do the jobs you want doing?

Yes we can! we have gained our skills through doing the work you want doing. Our skills range from putting up a simple shelf to installing bathroom suites, plastering and many other skilled jobs.

Why do you need a handyman?

Most tradesmen only want to do one job, usually jobs that last a few days or weeks. They don't want to or can't do other trades on the same visit, hence you, the client need to call others trades to get the job completed. We do it differently, we are multi-skilled handyman and can save you the time and money as we can do other works at the same time. We also take on the smaller handyman works that the tradesmen don't want to do.

Do we have insurance?

Yes! probably more than we need. We have public liability insurance for the work we do up to £5Million.

Do we offer a guarantee?

If ourhandyman handymen don't do your handyman services to a standard agreed by you, then we will put it right for you without charge or hassle. You can call on us about any concerns or issues throughout your project work and we will make the process as easy as possible. Our aims are to make you completly happy with ourhandyman service and work.

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